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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Google Instant- You Have Done It Again Google

Everybody who uses the interweb knows what google is.
Google does everything now a days from email to themes to a fun game on their homepage, I really don't think google is going to stop at anything to take the world over. (yes they are attempting world domination) I mean they pretty much already have taken over the entire interweb, why not go global? But anyways Google released Google Instant, a feature that tries to figure out what you are going to type before you type it. They figure that an average person can read faster than they can type, so Google dynamically displays search links as you type. Awesome, less time spent typing, more time spent looking at po... no just kidding, porn and cursing are the only searches where they draw the line and will not auto show. I do acknowledge that I am usually late on posting things that are new....  (:

Stop living in reality and start inducing lucid dreaming


  1. i love this google instant. it helps me know what all of us idiots are searching for

  2. It comes in handy when it is something I have looked for many times before lol

  3. I use my adress bar for search so i will not be using it :(

  4. gurl u crazy

    Check it

  5. I love it too. Anything that makes my day a little bit faster is good in my book

  6. Google instants alright...maybe it just takes some getting used to

  7. It's my home page... I am guilty. Support!

  8. I am error

    check it


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