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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Induce Lucid Dreaming | Lesson 3 | Stay In Your Lucid Dream Longer

     If you have ever Lucid Dreamed you know that it can be overwhelmingly exiting. This excitement can lead pre mature waking (see what I did there). I read a report on things that will help you stay in your lucid dream. Ill make this short because I know I dont really read long blog posts 
   Participants were told to do one of three things:

  • Spin
  • Rub hands together
  • Go with he flow
The results came from 80 subjects. These stats seem to show that you should A) Spin or B) Rub your hands together, dont just try to go with the flow. 

The study says,"Only 33% of the flow technique lucid dreams were prolonged, compared with 90% of the rubbing and 96% of the spinning lucid dreams"

So it seems the best thing to do to stay inside your precious lucid dream longer is spin around. Here is a cool account from one of the lucid dreamers who were being experimented on.

As everything around me turned to blackness--no visual content whatsoever--I started to spin round and say, "The next scene will be a dream" ... I was astonished to find a hole of brightness opening up... the bright hole literally appeared as a break in the black clouds around me, as if the sun were breaking through. I could see the branches of a tree through the hole. As I continued spinning (and it's strange that even though I was spinning round, my sight of the hole was unbroken), I seemed to pull myself towards and through the hole into the countryside of the next lucid dream scene..."

Pretty Cool eh?

Check out the full article at


  1. Your edit was much appreciated :)

    Ah, I remember getting the spin around tip from you, but I guess I'll have to try rubbing my hands also!

  2. that's hard but i ll give it a spin

  3. before i tried but now i lost interesting. I could start again :D

  4. Hey, Nice Post,
    keep them coming
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  5. Nice post, your blog always has interesting stuff!
    supportin' and followin'

  6. The first time I lucid dreamed (this is actually inspiring me to make a detailed post about it) I was being a noob and only knew the "rub hands" trick. Then I tried to make a box materialize out of thin air and woke myself up. FML, but awesome experience.

    peace, readin' daily


  7. hey that is cool, i heard about spinning before but i never tested it, to be honest i forgot about it, thank you for answerung my question :)

    one hint to all who are interested in lucid dreaming, and have problem to move around, if you cant imagine the sky, then you wont be able to fly into the sky :) so best thing is to train that.

    keep up the good work!


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