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Monday, September 6, 2010

Itunes New Visualizer

When it comes to visualizer's I have got to give it to magnetosphere. Developed by Robert Hodgin, this
awe inspiring visualizer is quite the looker. So when I happened upon this video (link above) I was like I have to have this. So I searched for some time and could not get the freaking download link. So then I finally read that Itunes had bought the visualizer and it was bundled in their newest update. That was the best news I had heard all day, so I loaded Itunes up and shit was this visualizer amazing. It has orbs of light getting encompassed with particles and everything is bouncing beautifully to the music. You can change the "theme" of the visualizer so that it will not get boring ( not that it would) which is cool. I listened to some Shpongle and STS9... wow it was the best. So go, update itunes if you have not already,put on your favorite jam, turn the visualizer on, preferably with a joint (: And sit back and relax.

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