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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dream Log | Entry 2

Well I have shown improvement since yesterday (: It seemed like I was awaking on the time when I was dreaming most, the REM cycle . My dreams are just snippets I wrote down as I awoke from my dream onto a post-it note, note that these are not my entire dreams just what I remember.
Am I allowed to feature Salvador Dali's work if I announce that I am not the author? Hopefully...

Dream 1: I'm am a spy in an elevator, with a woman friend (also working espionage with me), we are going to spy on someone. We talk about how we are going to execute the plan. As we walk out of the elevator another man walks out. There was no man when we were in there, or at least I thought. We got spied on!!! I got owned by that dude haha.

Haha when I awake from my dreams it is very difficult to write and I cant ever read half of the stuff that I jot down.

Dream 2: I am in a pizza joint called China Palbca (no idea what this word means), going to see a the same show I have seen in another dream, or at least it feels familiar. I helped set up tables for this kids birthday ( it was my brothers birthday yesterday) and as we prayed I looked down at myself and kind of felt my soul...

These dreams are all broken up because of my alarm clock waking me up, which is nice because I usually dont remember more than one.

Dream 3: Now I actually enter this "show" from the last dream and there is a crowd of people. There is a dj set up with some nifty speakers and he is booming some kickin' beats. Behind him, I guess for a spectacle for people to listen, he has a dog in this tower in a glass cage. And the cage starts to spin really rapidly for a bit. I felt bad for the dog. But...  It was very entertaining. Then at the end of his gig he showed that he was advertising for a company I do not remember . (This is interesting because I watched Cherry Chocolate Rain yesterday and that song is an advertisement, may not make sense to you but in my mind this is why I had this dream) then they brought out this huge screen TV and we began to play Super Smash Bros Mele (I played this literally thousands of hours when I was younger with childhood friends) they were there playing with me. Then they left and I started to talk to Sarah and I think she asked me,"are we doing this"? We were about to enbark in some sort of intercourse but then everybody came back and it was slightly awkward as you could imagine.

I know this may not be that interesting reading my dream log but actually doing this is awesome because it shows you why you had these dreams, lets you actually remember what you are dreaming about, gives you something to look back on in the years to come, and all builds towards the goal to induce lucid dreaming.


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