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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Induce Lucid Dreaming | Lesson 1 | Remember Your Dreams

Remember Your Dreams

  Before you can begin to lucid dream, you (and I) must master the art of remembering our dreams. It will let you begin to recognize how your dreams are structured and give you the ability to remember a lucid dream if you have one. 
     A full nights sleep is key. In Dream Log | Entry 1 I could not seem to grasp my dream from the past night, which I believe is because I am going to bed to late. Reasons to get more sleep include:

  • easier to focus on goal of remembering your dreams
  • dream cycles will be longer by the end of the night
      Dreams must be written down right as you come out of your sleep cycle. I keep a pen and sticky notes by my side, so I can write in the hurry. Then I take whatever I wrote and I will post it here in the morning.  Wirte down the most important parts of your dream, things that will jog your memory in the morning. 
      Be positive and tell yourself that you are going to remember your dream. Tell yourself you wish to awake completely and remember your previous dream. As you awake ask yourself, "What did I just dream about"? Stay in the same position you awoke in and dont cloud your mind with thoughts about the day. FOCUS on your dream, go over it, and jot it down.
      Continue to do this everyday ( I will be writing a Dream Log a day on my blog) and it should become easier. Doing this will allow you to recognize your dreams better and make it easier to spot our own dreams and induce lucid dreams. I wish you the best if you are trying to start lucid dreaming every night as I am. I encourage you to comment about your dream under this post, if you remember any drams from last night.

I used lucidity for info (:


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  3. can remember of three times when i had lucid dreams oO


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